How to upset society

Being successful really pisses society off, doesn’t it?

After all, you’re supposed to be frustrated. Distracted. Glued to the news. Always upset or fighting for something.

The truth is society doesn’t really want us to be happy and successful. Why?

Because then we stop playing their game. Their game can never be won.

Success happens when we focus on improving our own lives instead of being distracted by the next big crisis. The next fear. The next outrage.

Granted, this is not to say that certain causes aren’t worth fighting for. Clearly, that’s not true. But, there’s a big difference between fighting in a healthy way for the things we believe in and turning our lives upside down by ignoring ourselves, our families, and our own happiness in the process.

Always being angry and annoyed. Hateful. Preconsumed with figurative (and literal) wars. This is what society wants because acting this way keeps us down. And, it keeps us feeding the machine that supports this cycle of distraction.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the best revenge is living well”, then the same concept is in play here. Outrage doesn’t let you win.

Are you ready to make society upset?

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