Good Bosses Don’t Respect “Yes Men”

Something I learned the hard way throughout my career in corporate America is good bosses don’t respect “Yes men” or those who simply agree with everything they say and want.

Good bosses want honesty. They want the truth.

Bosses use “Yes men.” They don’t respect them. They never have and never will.

Worse, “Yes men” don’t get promoted nearly as quickly because it’s in the boss’s best interest to keep them where they are. They want these people working for them. They need it.

It’s how they pamper their self-image.

While it may seem like “Yes men” do well, the truth is very different.

People who never disagree with their bosses are only as successful as their willingness to say yes. Once they grow a backbone, their days working with that boss are quickly numbered.

If you work for a boss that only wants to hear “Yes sir/ma’am!”, then you’re working for a bad boss. You might get along with them now, but that won’t last forever.

And, you’ll wish you had bailed months ago.

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