Why early retirees die earlier

You’re more likely to die young if you retire early.

A couple of years ago, MarketWatch reported that retiring early in life makes it more likely that you will die earlier than those who stick it out at work longer.

The big question here is simple: Why?

“The evidence points to unhealthy changes in lifestyle that often accompany retirement,” the article said. For instance, adopting a more sedentary life by watching hours of TV. Fewer social interactions. Snacking on caloric foods.

In other words, being much lazier.

Four years after early retirement, I’ve learned a few critical things:

  • ER isn’t a magic pill; if you’re upset before, you’ll be upset after
  • ER requires discipline and internal motivation to stay productive
  • ER makes your struggles far worse due to fewer distractions

After we get through the initial “high” of quitting jobs that we don’t like, we quickly settle into a life that requires discipline to manage.

If you stop seeing friends and instead sit on the couch all day vegging with Netflix or Hulu, then yeah, you probably do increase your risk of early mortality. After all, humans aren’t designed to sit there and do nothing. We are social animals.

Don’t be another statistic.

Visit your friends and family often. Maintain a regular fitness schedule and only watch TV when you need to relax, not as a way to pass the time.

Stay alive.

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