The Difference Between a Museum and a Warehouse

What’s the difference between a museum and a warehouse?

museum is a curated collection of the very best. Maybe the rarest. In other words, things in museums are valuable and unique. They are carefully chosen.

warehouse, on the other hand, is just a collection of random stuff. There might be valuable things in there too, but they tend to be buried underneath a bunch of other junk. Warehouses hold anything, valuable or not.

Think of your life as a museum.

Your friends are carefully chosen. The television you watch provides value by helping you to relax. On social media, you only follow and subscribe to people who offer unique insight or usefulness in your life.

In other words, you don’t expose your heart and mind to just anything. You aren’t a warehouse. Instead, you are a museum. Your life is a beautifully-curated collection of truly valuable things that add something positive and meaningful every day.

👉 After all, rich people fill their days with things that make them rich.

👉 Successful people fill their days with things that make them successful.

👉 Happy people fill their days with things that make them happy.

Run your life as you would a museum. If it’s not valuable, then it has no place in your life. A carefully curated life is a happy life. Every time.

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