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About Steve Adcock

Hey there! I’m Steve Adcock and I’m a 38-year-old online entrepreneur who travels the country in an Airstream RV with my wife Courtney and our two rescued dogs, Penny and Patti.

Both my wife and I worked information technology jobs for over a decade before deciding to save 70% of what we earned and retire to a life full of travel and adventure. Instead of spending eight to 10 hours a day in an office, we spend it out hiking trails, boating lakes and visiting breweries.

I am a blogger and traveling photographer. A content creator and side hustler. I have fun with whatever I do and don’t look back after blazing a new trail.

My story, in brief

I worked a 14-year career in information technology, got tired of the grind and decided, along with my wife, to save almost everything that we earned and retire to a life of travel and adventure rather than office work. Our salaries were high. To most of society, it was “easy” for us to save and get rich.

Both my wife and I were born into loving and supportive families, which has been a huge help in getting to where we are today.

I am busier in retirement than I was working a full-time job. Of course, I spend a lot of time writing and making photos and videos.

Where I’ve been featured

I’ve been featured on major media sites like CBS MarketWatchForbesBusiness InsiderCNBC, and Vice. A few of my favorites:

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And, check us out on YouTube! If you’d like to follow our journey visually, click over to our YouTube channel, A Streamin’ Life, to see our beautiful faces as we travel around the country. You won’t regret it (I hope)!

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