The Top 10 ETFS to Invest in Today to Get Rich in 2023

ETFs, or Exchange-Traded Funds, are like the “easy button” of investing. 

Unsure what an ETF is? An ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) is an investment fund you can buy and sell directly on a stock exchange, just like you would buy or sell a stock. 

When you buy shares of an ETF, you’re essentially buying a small piece of that portfolio. As the value of the assets in the portfolio goes up or down, the value of your shares will also go up or down.

I picked these ETFs based on Year-To-Date performance matched with their 5-year average rate of return. These are just a subset of the ETFs available. 

Note: There is risk associated with investing. You will not be guaranteed to make money by investing in these ETFs. Use the ETFs below for informational purposes only and make decisions based on your risk tolerance and overall investment goals. Talk to an experienced financial advisor if you need help making investment choices. 

Year-To-Date performance as of April 2nd, 2023.

10 ETFs To Own in 2023 

🎯 SPDR S&P Semiconductors

Symbol: XSD

This ETF tracks the performance of the semiconductor sector of the total U.S. stock market (S&P Semiconductor Select Industry Index). 

Year-To-Date Performance: +24%

🎯 Invesco QQQ Trust

Symbol: QQQ

This ETF tracks the performance of the Nasdaq 100 Index. 

Year-To-Date Performance: +20%

🎯 Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Growth

Symbol: NULG

This ETF tracks the performance of the TIAA ESG USA Large-Cap Growth Index of the U.S. stock exchange.  

Year-To-Date Performance: +14%

🎯 Investo Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor

Symbol: OMFL

This ETF tracks the performance of the Russell 1000 “Dynamic Multifactor” index. It uses a rules-based framework to target exposure to low volatility, momentum, quality, size, and value factors. 

Year-To-Date Performance: +8.2%

🎯 SPDR S&P 500

Symbol: SPY

This ETF tracks the performance of common stocks of the S&P 500 index.

Year-To-Date Performance: +7%

🎯 Vanguard Total Stock Market

Symbol: VTI

A staple in many portfolios, Vanguard’s Total Stock Market ETF tracks the performance of the total market.    

Year-To-Date Performance: +6.7%

🎯 Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index: 

Symbol: VXUS

If you want exposure to the international market, the VXUS ETF tracks the performance of companies outside the U.S. 

Year-To-Date Performance: +6.7%

🎯 Invesco Solar

Symbol: TAN

This ETF tracks the performance of the MAC Global Solar Energy index that invests in global solar companies.    

Year-To-Date Performance: +6.4%

🎯 iShares Russell 2000

Symbol: IWM

This ETF tracks the overall performance of the Russell 2000 index of U.S. small-cap sector.  

Year-To-Date Performance: +2.3%

🎯 Vanguard Dividend Appreciation

Symbol: VIG

Another Vanguard ETF, this one tracks the performance of the Dividend Achievers Select Index, which measures the return of common stocks of companies that historically increase dividends over time.  
Year-To-Date Performance: +1.4%

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I am not a financial advisor. Before making big money decisions, speak to a certified financial advisor for a tailored financial plan made just for you.