Want to be a Millionaire by 30? Read this

If you’re under 20 and want to be a millionaire in your 30s, here’s the playbook you can use to do it. It’s worked for thousands of people, and it’ll work for you too.

Forget liberal arts

If you major in the arts, the odds of building wealth quickly are against you. Instead, pick a degree in higher paying career fields, such as:

  • Big Data
  • Nursing
  • Finance
  • Marketing

It’s fine if you aren’t a computer person or highly technical. Not all high-paying career fields require left-brain prowess.

Limit student loans

Don’t take student loans unless there’s a 100% chance of paying them back in less than 10 years.

That means majoring in a high-paying career field as we discussed above. If there isn’t a good chance of paying back your loans in less than a decade, work your way through school.

No loans on low-paying career fields, period.

Develop tough skills

Make yourself stand out among a sea of mediocrity by developing tough and rare skills, like:

  • writing
  • leadership
  • public speaking
  • stress management

Combine these skills, and you’ll become an unstoppable person in life.

Build an audience

The bigger your audience, the more powerful your message. Your audience can be monetized by selling products or services. Unlimited income potential.

How this works on Twitter: It all starts with your profile. Nail it, and you’re in.

You have less than 10 seconds to convert a viewer into a follower. Think of your profile as your storefront. Your bio should be specific, creative, and without hashtags. Include social cred. Include what they need to know. Don’t be afraid to humble brag.

Tweet with authority

Every tweet should ooze confidence.

If you don’t believe what you write, nobody else will either. Take a stand. Be unequivocal. Twitter isn’t the place for nuance, so stop being wishy-washy. Say it like it is and stand behind what you write.

This thread got me over 3,000 followers alone:

Controversy works

The biggest sources of growth this year were my most controversial tweets. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. Just be prepared to ignore the hate.

Here’s a great example of controversy at work:

Embrace hate

Speaking of hate, you need to ignore it rather than engage with it. The more you engage your haters, the less fun social media will be. I *almost* never respond to hateful comments because they aren’t worth my time.

However, hate is GREAT for growth.

Write threads

Great threads = growth. The vast majority of my growth comes from threads about me. Threads got me about 75% of my growth this year (over 125,000 followers).

Here is another thread that brought in thousands of additional followers:


The larger your network of friends, the more you’ll grow on Twitter. Guaranteed.

You can’t do everything yourself. Your network helps you write better and expand your audience every time. Reach out in DMs to similar accounts. Make friends. Don’t ask for RTs.

Public speaking

Nothing will make you more successful than speaking eloquently in front of people.

Develop this skill by:

  • Volunteering to give a presentation
  • Raising your hand in meetings to ask questions

Any time you can speak in front of people, do it!

Invest > 25% of income

Three great ways to make investing easy:

  • Traditional 401(k)
  • Roth IRA
  • Vanguard brokerage

Use automation to make it easy. Don’t overcomplicate this. Investing is easy.

Use your 9 to 5 income

Leverage your salary by using it to invest in your side hustle. Or by buying books or courses to learn new skills. 99% of people waste their income. Don’t be one of these people, and you’ll be a millionaire in your 30s.

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I am not a financial advisor. Before making big money decisions, speak to a certified financial advisor for a tailored financial plan made just for you.