Five Brutal Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has taught us brutal lessons about reality.

As the new year ushered in 2020, a worldwide airborne killer virus was the last thing on our minds – and might have seemed like a story out of a Sci-Fi novel.

Losing our jobs seemed like a microscopic risk.

But we were sitting ducks, and we had no idea what was around the corner.

Coronavirus hit and everything changed. As the virus blazed a trail of destruction around the world, it instantly reminded us of several hard lessons:

  • job losses can happen
  • things change quickly
  • the market is irrational
  • rainy day funds are smart
  • and, life is precious

When we use money as a tool to build wealth and accomplish our goals, we can spend more time outside of an office doing things we enjoy.

Because life is short, isn’t it?

When money is not the primary motivator for our decisions, our world opens up. We are less dependent on things that we cannot control. Our stress level decreases and we begin to make choices out of happiness and desire, not just money.

Being smart with money is about more than just amassing wealth.

It’s about freedom. Our freedom of choice.

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I am not a financial advisor. Before making big money decisions, speak to a certified financial advisor for a tailored financial plan made just for you.