To Hell With Society’s Expectations

There’s no question about it: Society expects something from us. And for the most part, it expects us to follow the common order of things.

To grow up and go to college. Get a job. Marry, have kids, make some money, spend almost all of it.

Then, retire in your mid-60s with whatever you managed to save through all those homes, cars, vacations and cell phones you bought during your prime.

In large part, that is what society expects from us.

At least in the first world.

But, here’s the thing: To hell with society’s expectations.

To hell with the standard order of retiring well after the prime of your life because you spent the best years working.

This isn’t about being a “rebel”. Or, about doing the opposite just because you can. To skirt the rules just because.

This is about doing whatever the hell makes you happy.

Every time. All day.

3 years ago, my wife and I sold both of our homes and the great majority of our possessions. Now, we travel in an Airstream and live in an off-grid house out in the middle of the desert.

And, we retired early. In our mid-30s.

👉 Design a life that works for you, not for society.

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