I spend my time pursuing passion projects and side hustles that bring value to my life independent of money. I believe deeply in the projects that I am involved with. is by far the most popular and well-read blog that I’ve ever developed. This is the spot where I chronicled our journey towards financial independence and early retirement, and it continues to be my main blogging avenue. In 2016, saw nearly 500,000 page views and generated thousands of dollars of side income.

Visit is my photography and exploration blog. It’s main purpose is to follow our journey as full-time travelers and also serves as my primary photo gallery.

Visit is a blog that my wife heads up, but we are both intimately involved with the video side on YouTube. I do all the video setup and editing for the channel. Our goal is to give our audience a look at how we operate and what it is like to live small. Very small.

Visit: A Streamin’ Life on YouTube.

Rockstar Directory is a huge project that tracks as many personal finance related blogs and services available online. I built the system from the ground up, including the backend database and the large majority of the front end user interface. I run this project alongside J$ at